Repair of GU Nissan Patrol Door Lock Mechanism in Perth WA .. we provide Complete Lock Repair Solution for Nissan Patrol GU Series in Perth Western Australia. This solution includes Repair of Lock, New Motor Actuator, 2 x Remote Controls and Installation
Door Lock Motor Actuator Repair Nissan Patrol GU Series Repaired in Perth WA

Nissan Patrol GU Series
Repair Solution for Door Locks

Includes Full Repair of Drivers Door
Plus Installation Repair in Perth WA
Well Proven Kit over 25 Years!
List Price: $428.00
Our Price: $428.00
Sale Price: $378.00
Savings: $50.00



This is for Complete Door Lock Repair Service of Nissan Patrol GU Series from 1998 to 2018 Series with faulty Door Lock Mechanism and Motor Actuator in Drivers Door Problem. Includes overhauling and repairing of Door Lock Mechanism on Nissan Patrol Gu Series and providing New Aftermarket Motor Actuator and 2 x Remote Controls.

Also Includes Mobile Installation Repair " We Come to You " .. within 15 km of Perth CBD

Many Nissan Patrols from 1998 to 2018 are having Problems with their Central Locking Systems. Most of the time this can be caused by Faulty Motor Actuator or Door Lock Mechanism Failure in Drivers Door and also worn out Remote Controls. Our Complete Solution solves all these problems and worn out components and updates with New to get operating like New Again.

Our Repair Kits are
70% Cheaper than the Cost From Original OEM Factory Dealers!

Well proven Solution we have been installing for over 25 Years.
Works Reliable, Effectively and long lasting. Will Solve the Problem with your Central Locking Doors not Locking or Unlocking Correctly.

Kit includes:
  • 1 x Repair of Faulty Drivers Door Lock Mechanism
  • 1 x Aftermarket Door Lock Motor Actuator
  • 2 x New Remote Controls and Installation
  • 1 x Installation Repair in Perth Western Australia
  • 1 x Mobile Service Callout within 15km of CBD

This Solution will fix your Faulty Nissan GU Patrol Door Lock Motor Actuator Problem
Phone: 0488 820 860 for more info if needed
We are Located in Perth Western Australia and cover 15km of CBD areas
  • Solution includes:

    1 x Aftermarket Door Lock Motor Actuator
    1 x Repair of Faulty Door Lock Mechanism in Drivers Door
    2 x New Aftermarket Remote Controls
    1 x Installation Repair in Perth Western Australia
    1 x Mobile Service Callout within 12km of CBD

    This Repair Solution solves most Door Lock Motor Actuator Problems