Nissan Patrol Central Locking Repair Solutions Suits GQ and GU Patrols for Repair of Drivers Door Lock

Nissan Patrol Remote Central Locking
Repair and Mechanism Solution for Door Locks

2 x Remote Controls and Module
1 x Upgraded New Motor Actuator
1 x Lock Repair with Stainless Steel bolts
1 x Comprehensive Instructions Manual with Photos

Includes everything for Nissan Patrol Drivers Door Lock

Well Proven Kit over 25 Years!

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Almost all the Nissan GQ and GQ Patrols we have worked on are having troubles with their Drivers Door Lock not locking or unlocking properly and only working intermittently. This starts off as a mild problem, then gets worse to the point where it won't lock or unlock at all. In some really bad cases the door won't even open at all.

It's important to attend to this sooner rather than later as once the door won't open from the inside or the outside you're forced to have to damage the door trim to get it open. The sooner it's fixed the less damage it will cause.

The main Problem with Nissan GQ and GU Door Lock Mechanism fault is the use of Plastic Rivets and pins by Nissan at the time of manufacture. These Plastic components, Rivets and Bolts will at some time will break, and this causes the Lock Mechanism to jam up and not Lock or Unlock at all.
Many times it will leave you unable to open the door.

You could purchase a whole new lock and Motor Actuator from Nissan for $580 or maybe try find one from a Auto Wrecker, but they are hard to get a hold of and most likely in about the same condition as your one. Not to mention all the Nissan Patrol Door Lock Mechanisms will have the plastic pins and rivets which will eventually break like the one you already have.

The Best Solution is to Upgrade and Improve the Lock Mechanism by replacing the broken Plastic Pins with Stainless Steel Bolts. This is what our Nissan Patrol Door Lock Mechanism Repair Solution provides. We also then Upgrade to New Motor Actuator which is stronger and more reliable than Nissan original.

Complete Nissan Patrol Door Lock Repair and Upgrade:
1 x Lock Repair with Stainless Steel bolts
2 x Remote Controls and Module
1 x Upgraded New Motor Actuator

** Please note: This product solution is for Advanced people only who've worked on cars before and have good selection of tools to perform the procedure. It includes all the components and items required to repair an upgrade your lock mechanism. Covers everything from start to finish and will completely fix your Nissan Patrol GQ or GU Central Locking system problems.

Our Parts often last 3 x Times Longer than Factory Parts

Well proven Solution we have been installing for over 25 Years.
Works Reliable, Effectively and long lasting. Will Solve the Problem with your Central Locking Doors not Locking Correctly.

This Solution will fix your Faulty Door Lock Mechanism Problem
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  • Solutions includes:
    • 1 x Lock Repair with Stainless Steel Bolts
    • 2 x Remote Controls and Module
    • 1 x Upgraded New Motor Actuator
    • 1 x Complete Instructions Manual for the above

    This Repair Solution solves Nissan Patrol Door Lock Motor Actuator Problems