KIA Motors Central Locking Kits Solutions and Repairs!

Many KIA Vehicles built from 1995 to 2018 are All Experiencing Central Locking Problems. KIA is usually a very reliable brand, however it seems they have problems with the Central Locking systems wearing out earlier than normal. We have seen first hand problems with the KIA Sorrento, KIA Rio and KIA Carnival Vans.

You would think with a South Korean manufacturer like KIA Motors they would build their Central Locking systems to last much longer, however we have seen many fail even within 4 years of being new. The problem stems from an over-complication of moving parts and Electronics in the Motor Actuator Assembly. We have also found Over-Voltage spikes from the BCM (Body Control Modules) are also being a factor, mainly in KIA Rio and KIA Sorrento SUV Models.

Luckily we have a low-cost Solution that not only fixes the problem, but lasts much longer than the original KIA Motor Actuators. If you already have a price from KIA Parts for your Central Locking Door Motor Actuators and almost fallen over at the $480 for each Door, plus $200 each for fitting, then you're not alone! We have customers calling us explaining they were quoted over $4000 to repair all 4 burnt out Central Locking Door Motor Actuators on their KIA Santa Fe SUV Models.

Additionally we have also heard reports from some KIA owners which have BCM Body Control Module issues as well which are priced at over $3400 for a new Module from KIA Motors plus another $1200 for Installation. These are Crazy Prices for sure!

We have Motor Actuators for KIA Doors for just $245 per door Including Installation !
That's over 70% CHEAPER than the KIA Motors parts and ours last 3 x Times Longer ..

You'll be happy to hear we have Much Cheaper and more Affordable Solutions for KIA which are an Alternative to Factory KIA Parts, cost Less than half the price and are even more Reliable and Simple than the complicated and short-lived factory parts. Very often we have had to replace all 4 motors on KIA Vehicles which are only 4 years old. If the original parts have only lasted 3 years and you replaced them with original parts there is a good chance they will only last the same time.

If your KIA Doors are starting to experience Central Locking Problems and Keyless Entry Remote Control problems then we would recommend looking at alternative solutions, especially if they only last 3 years from brand new and cost over $680 each !

With over 32,000 Central Locking Doors Installed over the past 25 Years one could say we've had an amount of Experience with Central Locking Installations and Repairs. This includes and how to Design, Manufacture and Install Central Locking Kits to work Reliably for over 15 to 20 Years of trouble free operation! With the greatest amount of testing in the Harshest environments, our Central Locking Repair kits have endured thousands of kilometres in KIA Motor Vehicles.

As this is a very Advanced Repair Installation it's only Available for Perth Clients:
To enquire what Solutions we have available for your KIA Vehicle call us on
Phone: 0488 820 860

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Faulty Door Lock Motor Actuator Repair Kit for most Vehicles REPAIR OF DOOR LOCK MOTOR ACTUATOR

This is a Repair Solution for Faulty Door Lock Motor Actuator on most Vehicles.

Fixes Common Problem:
Door not Locking or Unlocking properly
Door Lock Motor Actuator Faults
Suits Vehicles from from 2002 to 2018

Well proven Solution we have been installing for 25 Years. Installed over 30,000 Central Locking Door units with this system.
Reliable, Effective and Long lasting

List Price: $278.00
Our Price: $278.00
Sale Price: $245.00
Savings: $33.00